Baking with Daddy

Christmas time at the Smiths, cinnamon rolls are a must! Especially daddy Smith’s cinnamon rolls.

img_4425 Little miss Ellsie is always just full of facial expressions. img_4427 Just the thought of cinnamon rolls in her little tummy makes her so excited!img_4428 img_4426 A little extra help never hurt anyone 🙂 img_4432 …taking a little break from stirring. img_4429 img_4424 Back to stirring! img_4433 Telling daddy “the spatula is over there” img_4439 One thing is for sure, she did NOT want to eat the raw dough.. img_4438 So excited, they are almost done!! 😀

img_4441img_4442 Big brother asking if they are done yet… img_4443 The look of disappointment when dad says “not yet”img_4444 These look HEAVENLY and taste HEAVENLIER 🙂 img_4515


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