Hello Lovelies

Hello lovelies! My name is AnnaLeesha. My friends call me Annie. I love Jesus. I try to constantly follow and seek Him with all my heart. I fail daily, but that is the great thing about His grace and mercy – I don’t have to be perfect and try to win His love, because He already gave it to me through His Son. I am learning to enjoy each season I am in. I am a coffee and creamer drinker, DIY enthusiast, aspiring photographer – I will take pictures of any and everything, whether it be with my phone or my Canon camera. I love my family and my dog. I have one great guy in my life, who loves me the way that I am – you will see more and hear more of him in my future posts. I have a dog obsession, if I could I would have a dog farm. I love to run and workout. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle is very important to me, but there is ALWAYS room for pizza and steak fajitas :). I pray that my posts speak to you in every which way. I hope that you come along with me in this journey of blogging my everyday life. With all my love ❤


Photo Credit: My dear, very talented friend, Amber Koch {Amberlynne Photography} ❤

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